Hanna Tsepesh statement!!!

Hello there!
Some of you guys know me for my past works (radio and webzine).
Now, I have this new webzine called THE GATES OF METAL and with this new webzine I want to help even more promoting bands with the interviews I am making since 2007, reviews, news with all the help I can give I will give! The page of Support and Partnerships is for helping several causes, bands and for my partnerships with labels and help the designers, photographers, radios, producers, bars, promoters, studios and other webzines. So, if you are among these (designers, photographers, radios, producers, bars, promoters, studios and other webzines) and if you want to see your banner or link in that space, please send me a message for THE GATES OF METAL MySpace or send me a comment for one of the interviews with your e-mail and I will contact to you to tell you how! We are all in here to help each other to aid the Metal bands, that’s what Metal music is transmitting to us along these years…not a fight between egos and who is better! But, this is only my opinion :)

This specific page is to express my recognition, because I NEVER forgot the people that helped me along this great journey!
So here it goes:

READERS: first of all, I have to thank my wonderful readers for all of the support that they are giving to the bands I interview and also the support that they give to my work with amazing comments! I feel deeply touched for all this support :) a BIG THANK YOU for all of you guys and for sending your feedback about the interviews/reviews/etc. You guys always answered me with sympathy and support! Thank you so much for all, present and upcoming readers :)

FOR THE BANDS THAT I INTERVIEWED OR WORKED SO FAR and FOR THE FUTURE BANDS: Thank so much for let me help me you and for all the nice support that you guys also gave to THE GATES OF METAL to put my webzine in your MySpace Top Friends and help me with the publishing! I have to say that I learned a lot with your experiences and all the things you said to me in your interview or in our conversations! I am always very happy to see you guys releasing new albums, making tours all over the world, having the first deal with a label and growing step by step in your career! To better describe this feeling it’s like a mother seeing her child first steps! :) Your fights for music and what you believe, is really inspiring for me and you guys know that I am here to help you! For the bands out there I have to say like the vampire Lestat says in the Queen Of The Damned movie “come out come out, wherever you are” (Laughs), so send me a message to THE GATES OF METAL MySpace and I will be very happy to help you!

ADELINO OLIVEIRA: I have to thank to you for the opportunity that you gave me back in 2007 to interview the bands in your radio! I remember that I kept saying “no, no I can’t make a decent interview I don’t know how to make it” and you were always very cool to me saying “Don’t worry, with time you will do it and I think you will have success with this! Don’t be afraid to take some risks!” So a BIG THANK to you because if you didn’t believe in me in the first place I was never been able to help the bands like nowadays! Remember the first interview with THY SYMPHONY?! Oh I remember…I was so damn nervous and I pissed you so much with” Oh my God what will I ask to Marcello?!” and you said to me “ speak with your heart and what you feel about music” this were the words I NEVER forgot and I use that to make my work in here! So, I listened a lot what you said to me in those days! (Laughs) Also, thank you for understanding my reasons and respect my decision in the past! It was a great experience to work with you and I’m now helping the bands like you do! I wish you a great success for you and for the Radio MetalMorfose!

LABELS: Thanks so much for the great opportunity to interview the bands and let me help your bands with professionalism and kindness! If someone think that all the labels suck the bands money you are the living prove that you help them a lot and all the bad stuff that some people says about you guys is not true! Thank you!

FAMILY: First I have to thank my mom and dad for all the support that they are given to me and for understanding that this is really a thing that I have passion that I do in my spare time, proving that I can study for my exams and help the bands too! For my mom, I would like to thank to her for also helping the bands that I interview with comments because she don’t understand English (don’t worry mom I will translate for you) and also for greatly supporting the bands from our country (Portugal), my dad that gives some of his time and patient to get the bands promo albums at the post office (if I have a team here, you will be a part of it [laughs]) and despite your different musical taste you always support me! I can’t forget my two brothers because it was because of them that I have an open mind about music, I grew up listen to 70’s, 80’s and 90’s rock, classical music, punk, Gothic and of course all the styles of METAL! Thank so much for all that fantastic time that you create for me when I was a little child and in now days to push me and never forget who I am and support me so much!!! Also, my little nephew for the big inspiration! It is amazing what a baby can do in our lives and make us fight for a better world to live without wars and other bad stuff that’s because of that I will keep my work to help causes and help what I believe! I will always help you and be in your side like an angel ;)
Of course I can’t forget my cat “Tico” (laughs), he is always by my side when the music is LOUD!

FRIENDS: who we are without true friends?! Thank so much my dear friends, you are very special to me!

ANUSKA BATHORY: I would like to thank to you for your support and for you create THE GATES OF METAL Fans page :) you rock girl!! If you want to visit her page go at: www.myspace.com/anuska_bathory

Finally, I want to thank all the people that for some reason don’t like me or my work makes them have some kind of “itchiness”, it is because of you that I am more STRONGER day by day and truly believe that I make a great work in here! You guys will not be able to destroy my soul, like the old saying "your jealousy is the certainty of my success"!!!


Hanna Tsepesh